Israeli fighter jets bombed Hamas terror targets in central Gaza

The IDF on Friday night struck a Hamas terror tunnel in southern Gaza, as well as several military targets belonging to the terror group, among them complexes used to prepare arson terror attacks and a Hamas terror training facility.


The strike was conducted in response to the terror acts instigated during the violent riots along the security fence yesterday, in addition to the continuous arson attacks damaging Israeli land on a daily basis.

During the strike, approx 17 rockets were launched from Gaza, 5 were intercepted by Iron Dome.

IDF strikes a Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza in response to rockets, arson and terror attacks (2).jpg

“Hamas is responsible for the events transpiring in Gaza and emanating from it and will bear the consequences for its actions”, the IDF said in a statement.

Israeli jets have renewed strikes in Gaza on Saturday morning following additional rockets fired toward Israel overnight.

At this very moment, thousands of families were woken up by the noise of red alert sirens signaling that rockets were fired at Israel. They only had seconds to run to bomb shelters.

Additional rockets were launched on Saturday morning. Sirens sounded in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council in southern Israel.

Sirens continue going off in Hof Ashkelon, Eshkol, Sdot Hanegev Regional

An IDF officer was moderately injured by a grenade that Muslim terrorists from Gaza threw at him during violent riots along the security fence.

Troops responded by firing towards the terrorists. A hit was identified. The officer was evacuated to Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva.

IDF officer injured by a grenade thrown by Muslim terrorists from Gaza during Friday riots