Minor earthquakes felt in northern Israel

A minor earthquake was felt in the Kinneret area in northern Israel on Sunday afternoon, with a magnitude of 3.9 on the Richter scale. Two hours earlier, another minor earthquake was felt in the same area.  According to the Geophysical Institute of Israel, the first earthquake was measured at 3 on the Richter scale.

Yesterday, a 3.4 earthquake was felt in the north of the country at about 5:10am. The earthquake’s epicenter was in the northern Kinneret, as the series of earthquakes felt on Wednesday and Thursday.

Following a series of tremors over the last few days, Israeli residents should prepare for a major earthquake to rip through Israel from north to south.

3.4 earthquake felt in northern Israel

“In our area earthquakes happen. The last major earthquake struck in 1927, and the one before was in 1836, so we understand that every 100 years a serious earthquake strikes,” retired IDF Home Front Col. Gili Shenhar, said.

3.4 earthquake felt in northern Israel (2)

“Over 30 tremors have been registered by seismic devices. Most of them could not have been felt so no one talks about them. It’s hard to predict what will happen following the earthquake that took place on Wednesday, but the concentration of tremors in the Sea of Galilee proves that there is renewed activity along the split where African and Arabian plates meet,” Dr. Uri Frieslander, former general manager of the Geophysical Institute, said.