❌ Berlin: IslamoNazi who attacked a man wearing a kippah and got joke sentence, will appeal harsh verdict

A 19-year-old ‘refugee’ of Syrian origin found guilty of attacking an Israeli man wearing a kippah in Berlin will appeal against the verdict, a spokeswoman for the court said on Saturday.

The Muslim attacker, whose name was suppressed due to privacy laws, had arrived in Germany from Syria in 2015 seeking asylum. He was born in Syria and has a Syrian passport but considers himself Palestinian.

The victim, a 21-year-old Arab Israeli who said he wore the kippah to show solidarity with his Jewish friends, filmed his attacker whipping him with a belt and shouting “Yahudi!” (“Jew” in Arabic).


German Chancellor Angela Merkel called attack in the city’s trendy Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood “a very horrible incident” and vowed the government would respond “with full force and resolve ?” against growing anti-Semitism in Germany.

He was found guilty of serious bodily harm and abuse by a German juvenile court at the end of June, receiving a four-week jail sentence, the maximum under Germany’s juvenile criminal law. But as he had already spent more than two months in detention while awaiting trial, he was immediately released.



Sigmount Koenigsberg, the Berlin Jewish community’s anti-Semitism commissioner, said that the ruling was “an absolute joke.”

“A few weeks of detention, which have already been served, are not appropriate. The man is laughing himself silly,” Koenigsberg said.

The Muslim attacker has admitted striking the victim with a belt, but denies that the attack was an anti-Semitic hate crime, as claimed by the prosecution.

He has also said his actions were justified because he was insulted before he carried out the attack, and that he was under the influence of drugs.

The case will now go to the regional court.