Chief of the Islamic Movement terror group released from jail to house arrest after 10 months

Raed Salah, 59, head of the banned Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement terror group, was released from jail and put on house arrest on Friday.

Salah, who was arrested ten months ago on charges of incitement, will be on full house arrest with an ankle monitor in Kfar Kanna until the end of legal proceedings against him.

He was  greeted by chants of allahu akbar from terrorism-sympathizers as he exited the court.

Residents of the town prepared a hero’s welcome, flying the Islamic Movement flags to celebrate his release.

Chief of the Islamic Movement terror group in Israel, released to house arrest

Salah was arrested and charged in August for praising three Muslim terrorists Israeli citizens who murdered two police officers in a terror attack at the Old City of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount compound last July.

He was previously sentenced and served terms for incitement to violence and racism over an inflammatory sermon he delivered in 2007 in Jerusalem.