Syria: Alleged Israeli airstrikes target Iranian weapons warehouse near Daraa

Explosions heard Tuesday in an Iranian armament storage east of Mahja town on the international highway “Damascus-Daraa”, according to Arab reports.

Syria Alleged Israeli airstrikes target Iranian weapons warehouse .jpg

With Moscow’s help, Assad’s army has battered the south with air strikes, rocket fire and crude barrel bombs.

At least 270,000 people have fled their homes in southwest Syria since the government launched its offensive to take Daraa province, UN says.

Thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing the hostilities are living under poor conditions in camps near the Israeli border.

Thursday night, during a special IDF operation, Israel transferred humanitarian aid to Syrians fleeing hostilities who are living in tent camps throughout the Syrian Golan Heights.

On Friday night, as part of a unique and complex medical operation run by the IDF 210th Division, six Syrians– four of whom are young children – who were moderately to severely injured were brought into Israel and given medical treatment.