Iran ‘may target’ former Israeli PM Ehud Barak while he is abroad

Hadashot reported on Monday that head of Shin Bet intelligence agency Nadav Argaman, recently visited former prime minister Ehud Barak in his private home, over concerns that Iran might try to target senior Israeli officials while they are abroad.

Iran may target former Israeli PM Ehud Barak while he is abroad (2).jpg

Barak frequently holds meetings abroad, and is sometimes protected only by his personal handgun. Barak and the Shin Bet did not respond to the report.

In recent months, a series of attacks targeting Iranian targets in Syria were attributed to Israel, and security officials are preparing for possible Iranian revenge.

Alongside possible military action in the northern border, the administration is taking into account a possible attempt to target an Israeli abroad. Iran has tried in the past to hit targets associated with Israel, such as diplomats and Israeli tourists in various countries.