Watch – IRAN: 4 killed after security forces open fire at protesters against the regime

At least four demonstrators were shot dead overnight Saturday by Iran’s security forces in southwest Iran during protests against the regime.

Anti-regime demonstrations erupted for a second day in a row in the southwestern city of Muhammarah.

Videos of the protests have been circulating on social media showing clashes between demonstrators and security forces of the Revolutionary Guards with “death to Khamenei slogans” slogans being heard.

Other protesters clashed with police late on Saturday during a demonstration against shortages of drinking water due to water pollution.

The news of protesters death comes a day after major protests erupted on Friday as thousands of people gathered in Khorramshahr city in front of the city’s central mosque.

The rallies protested against a deteriorating economic situation of their city, as well as the lack of support for their towns with slogans being chanted against “regime thieves” being heard.

On Saturday, Iran’s Supreme Leader has accused the United States and allies of fomenting unrest in Iran.

“Further proof of Iran’s power is the coalitions U.S. formed in the region: If U.S. had the power to defeat Islamic Republic, they wouldn’t need to ally with disgraceful states in ME to create chaos and insecurity in Iran”, he tweeted.

Last week, Iranian protesters angered by Iran’s cratering economy confronted police while chanting ‘Death to Palestine’, ‘Leave Syria, think of us’, with security forces firing tear gas at them.