IslamoNazi ‘refugee’ of Syrian origin who attacked a man wearing a kippah in Berlin, gets joke sentence

A Berlin court on Monday convicted a 19-year-old IslamoNazi ‘refugee’, of causing serious bodily harm and of slander for attacking an Israeli-Arab wearing a Jewish skullcap in the German capital in April.

The victim, a 21-year-old Arab Israeli who said he wore the kippah to show solidarity with his Jewish friends, filmed his attacker whipping him with a belt and shouting “Yahudi!” (“Jew” in Arabic).

The Muslim attacker, whose name was suppressed due to privacy laws, had arrived in Germany from Syria in 2015 seeking asylum. He was born in Syria and has a Syrian passport but considers himself Palestinian.

He was sentenced to four weeks of juvenile detention, the maximum under Germany’s juvenile criminal law. But as he had already spent more than two months in detention while awaiting trial, he was immediately released.

The court has the right to apply juvenile criminal law in cases involving defendants aged up to 21 and decided to do so in this case because the Muslim attacker was ‘lacking in maturity’, said court spokeswoman Lisa Jani.

As part of his sentence, he is required to take part in a tour of Berlin’s House of the Wannsee Conference, where the Nazis laid out the Final Solution – their plan to exterminate the Jews – in 1942.

“The court wants to make clear that his attitude toward Jews will not be tolerated here,” Jani said.

The IslamoNazi would also be given one year of support services, which could include help in finding an apartment and an apprenticeship.

Video footage of the attack sparked a public outcry when it was posted on the internet in April. Chancellor Angela Merkel personally spoke out against the attack, saying her government would respond “with full force and resolve” against anti-Semitism in Germany.

Sigmount Koenigsberg, the Berlin Jewish community’s anti-Semitism commissioner, told Berlin-based broadcaster 105.5 Spreeradio that the ruling was “an absolute joke.”

“A few weeks of detention, which have already been served, are not appropriate. The man is laughing himself silly,” Koenigsberg said.