We’ve just launched our brand new forum ?


We’ve just launched our brand new forum?

We hope you will explore it today to see what we’ve done!

? BtNews – Forum – Visit us and let us know that you are there!

✍️ Register Here    – You can use your Gravatar, WordPress account or register only to BtNews Forum. Sometimes, the confirmation link goes to the spam folder – check spam folder if you don’t see it in inbox.

Don’t forget to check back with us frequently, as we are always posting new topics.

We hope you enjoy reading and participating. You can create your own topics with NEWS or BREAKING NEWS related to Israel, the Middle East, terrorism or global agenda.

Anything that is not from today, yesterday or last week, is not news nor breaking news. There are pinned topics colored in yellow where you can post links to articles, videos, pictures that are not news but still relevant to the topics: Hasbara and The fight against Sharia, Radical Islam, Freedom of Speech.

Please mention the source. If the link to the article is not in english, please translate or explain the important parts.

For now, the forum will be running on a “everyone can open a topic” basis. We’ll give it a chance – Follow the rules!

⚠ Don’t spam, don’t advertise.

⚠ Threats of violence, anti-Semitism or personal attacks on other users is unacceptable.

⚠ The same applies to trolling, being anti-Israel or just generally being a jerk.

Facebook – Sharia Compliant Social Media seems to be ‘shadowbanning’ our page, threatening  to ban us and many others that actively oppose mainstream media or are politically incorrect.

Twitter has been since long ago censoring our tweets under the cover of ‘sensitive content’.