Watch – Egypt: 32 ISIS terrorists eliminated during counter-terrorism operations in Northern Sinai

Egyptian forces have eliminated at least 32 ISIS-affiliated terrorists in two separate counter-terrorism operations in the province of Northern Sinai, according to a statement released by the country’s military.

According to the statement, the Egyptian Air Force destroyed two vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and 21 hideouts of the terrorists.

The Egyptian Army also arrested more than 10 Muslim terrorists with links to the terror group “Wilayat Sinai”, associated with ISIS. Dozens of weapons, large amounts of ammunition and explosives were confiscated.

In February, the Egyptian Army launched a wide-scale operation against terrorists, mostly members of ISIS, in Northern Sinai. According to data from the Egyptian military, 318 terrorists and 37 military personnel have so far been killed. The operation is still ongoing.

A total of 272 hideouts of terrorists were discovered and destroyed, and 250 wanted terrorists and suspects were detained.