Netherlands: Bus rams into concert goers – At least 1 killed, 3 wounded

A bus struck four people at a Dutch concert in the early hours of Monday morning, killing one and injuring three, police said.

Police said that the vehicle, that the local media described as a small white bus, drove away from the scene. The operation to capture the perpetrator is ongoing.

Emergency authorities have sent an alert to cell phones in the area warning people to be alert for a Fiat Diablo that has 257 on its license plate.

The incident took place at the “PinkPop” concert, a popular festival being held in Limburg province in the south of the Netherlands.

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A police statement said the street where the incident took place, one of two exits from the concert grounds, had been closed for investigation.

“The bus is being sought,” the statement said.

An alert service sent by emergency authorities to cell phones in the area warned people to be alert for a Fiat Diablo with the number 257 as part of its license plate.

A trauma helicopter, ambulances and a heavy police presence were at the scene.

Not yet known the ethnicity of the driver and if the incident is terror related.