Facebook – Sharia Compliant Social Media

UPDATE: We’ve just launched our brand new BtNews Forum ? We’ve heard your concerns and our own regarding Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube shadowbanning and ban threats to people and pages. We hope you will explore BtNews Forum ? today and participate in the growing, amazing community of Israel lovers and common sense seekers.


Facebook’s censorship is systematically removing from our page pictures and videos they deem offensive –to Muslims, some of them even without warning or notification.

Facebook - Sharia Compliant Social Media

Twitter has been long ago censoring our tweets under the cover of ‘sensitive content’.

These are only the last few examples of pictures that were removed. Twice. With ban warning.


  Facebook seems to be ‘shadowbanning’ our page and many others that actively oppose mainstream media or are politically incorrect, and is now filtering posts out of your news feeds.

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