Gazan arrested after infiltration attempt – IDF artillery fire towards a Hamas post in Rafah

The IDF has arrested a Gazan who tried to breach the border security barrier in northern Gaza near Miflasim.

Security checks revealed that the suspect was not armed. He has been taken in for questioning.

Arabs report IDF artillery fire towards a Hamas position in southern Gaza near Rafah.

From early Friday, Muslim terrorists have been rioting in multiple locations along the security border fence between Israel and Gaza. Hamas-sponsored terrorists are burning tires, throwing rocks, flying firebombs attached to kites and attempting to damage the fence in order to infiltrate into Israel and kill Jews.

IDF   bombed a warehouse in Gaza where Muslim terrorists were preparing firebomb-kites for tomorrow (3)

⚠ A terror cell in Gaza that claims to be behind the firebombs attached to kites and balloons sent by its Muslim terrorists over the security border fence into Israeli territory, said they would launch 5,000 firebombs on Friday of Eid al Fitr, the last day of the Jihad month of Ramadan.