Muslim terrorists in Gaza said they would launch 5,000 firebombs at Israel, on the last day of Ramadan

⚠️ A terror cell in Gaza that claims to be behind the firebombs attached to kites and balloons sent by its Muslim terrorists over the security border fence into Israeli territory, said they would launch 5,000 firebombs on Friday of Eid al Fitr, the last day of the Jihad month of Ramadan.

The terror cell, which calls itself ‘the kite builders unit’, also said that it would extend the range of the kites up to nearly 40 km from the border.

Today, the IDF bombed a warehouse in southern Gaza where earlier Muslim terrorists were working on preparing incendiary balloons.

“The IDF considers the use of incendiary and explosive kites and balloons to be very grave and will work to prevent use of them,” the IDF said.

According to Arab reports, the “infrastructure” was an outdoor facility that was being used by the cell to inflate the balloons and make the incendiary devices.