IDF bombed a warehouse in Gaza where Muslim terrorists were preparing firebomb-kites for tomorrow

The IDF bombed a warehouse in southern Gaza on Thursday afternoon where earlier Muslim terrorists were working on preparing incendiary balloons.

“Just moments ago, an IAF aircraft fired warning shots at a terror cell which was preparing incendiary balloons for launch, with the aim of deterring them,” the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

A short while later, the IDF said it carried out an airstrike in the same area. The army identified the target as “infrastructure,” but would not elaborate.

“The IDF considers the use of incendiary and explosive kites and balloons to be very grave and will work to prevent use of them,” the IDF said.

According to Arab reports, the “infrastructure” was an outdoor facility that was being used by the cell to inflate the balloons and make the incendiary devices.

Earlier this month, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned terrorist groups in Gaza that Israel will retaliate for incendiary kite attacks which are causing massive damage to Israeli agriculture.

Liberman revealed that there have been 600 kite attacks, of which 400 were intercepted with technology. The remaining kites caused 198 fires, burning 9000 dunams.