Germany: 4 ISIS terrorists arrested; 1 killed and wounded US troops

German authorities have arrested four Iraqi Muslim terrorists members of ISIS, including one who have carried out terror attacks that killed and wounded US troops.

Federal prosecutors say the Muslim terrorists were arrested Wednesday in the towns of the western cities of Dortmund and Bottrop, and Amberg-Sulzbach county in Bavaria.


Germany 4 ISIS terrorists arrested- 1 killed and wounded US troops (2)

In a statement Thursday, prosecutors said 27-year-old Mohammed Rafea Yaseen Y. joined the Islamic State of Iraq group in his hometown of al-Rutba in 2006. He helped make improvised bombs used in 12 terror attacks.

Prosecutors say US troops were killed or wounded in the first 10 terror attacks, while Iraqi security forces and civilians were killed in the other two.

All four left Iraq in mid-2015 and entered Germany soon after.