2 Islamic Jihad terrorists eliminated as IDF tanks fire at observation post in Gaza in response to explosive device

IDF tanks fired at an observation post in southern Gaza, eliminating two Islamic Jihad terrorists and seriously wounding one, Arab sources reported Sunday morning.

The shells were fired after two terrorists were spotted approaching the border fence and planting an explosive device hidden in a cutting tool.

The explosive device exploded as it was being neutralized by a robot. There were no reports of injuries among the IDF forces. The attacked observation post overlooks the area where the device was planted and detonated.

On Saturday night, Israeli warplanes bombed two Hamas terror targets in southern Gaza in the Rafah area, in retaliation for the infiltration of four Muslim terrorists earlier .

“The IDF takes the Hamas terror organization’s continued and daily attempts to harm security infrastructure in Israeli territory very seriously,” the spokesman said, adding that Hamas’ efforts present a threat to the residents’ and soldiers’ security.

IAF fighter jets strike Hamas terror targets in response to infiltration and terror along the Gaza border

“We are determined to continue our job of protecting Israeli citizens and ensuring their continued security.

“The Hamas terror organization is the only party responsible for what happens in Gaza and leaves Gaza, and it will bear the consequences of terror activities carried out from Gaza against Israel’s citizens and security.”