Lodz receives its first new Torah scroll since the Holocaust

A new Torah scroll has been donated to the Jewish community in Lodz, Poland. This is the first time the community has had a new Torah scroll since the Holocaust.

The scroll was donated by the British couple Hilton and Louise Nathanson, in honor of their son’s bar mitzvah celebration in Lodz. The family chose to honor the city because their family came to England from the Lodz region.

The Torah took six months to write, and Hilton and Louise even wrote the scroll’s final letters inside of the Lodz synagogue under the rabbi’s supervision.

“It is a wonderful culmination to the 210 years of existence of the local community and the 20th anniversary of its return to its prewar headquarters,” Rabbi Symcha Keller told the PAP news agency.

Before the Holocaust, Lodz one of the largest centers of Jewish life in Poland and serving as the home to hundreds of thousands of Jews.