WATCH: Israeli undercover forces arrests arab terrorist in Bethlehem

The video captured an incident that occurred on Friday at around noon in northern Bethlehem. It opens with the point at which the Israeli troops reveal themselves while dozens of rioters flee the scene for fear of arrest.


The terrorist captured by the troops tries to struggle but is overpowered. The troops carry him away for arrest as Border Guard troops arrive to protect the departure.


Arabs have long attempted to combat the “undercovers” phenomenon, without much success, through techniques such as using code words known to demonstrators and arriving with shirts tucked into their pants so a gun cannot be concealed.

About a month ago, video of a similar incident near Beit El made the rounds online, drawing varied reactions.

Friday was a “day of rage” marked by three terror attacks that wounded Israelis as well as a failed attack.

Arab riots at various locations, particularly after several parades organized by Hamas near Hevron, Bethlehem, Qalqilya, Kafr Qaddum and Rachel’s Tomb – where the video was filmed.