Malaysia: Assassins of Hamas engineer-terrorist used fake Serbia, Montenegro passports

The two men linked to the assassination of Hamas-engineer-terrorist Fadi Al Batsch last month were believed to have used fake passports from Serbia and Montenegro to enter Malaysia.

The Malaysian chief of police added that weapons that may have been used in the hit were sent to a forensics laboratory, clarifying it was still unclear whether they were indeed used in the killing.

Malaysian police revealed that the two suspects used a van to escape the scene of the assassination, after leaving the motorcycle they used to get there behind.

The vehicle was awaiting the suspects, and they later escaped to another country in the region. The Malaysian police was reportedly investigating whether they had escaped to Thailand using illegal routes in the Malaysia-Thailand border.

A source declined to say whether the assassins were still in Thailand.

On April 21, two men in full-face helmets riding high-powered motorcycles waited 20 minutes in the dark near Jalan Meranti in Setapak, before eliminating Hamas engineer-terrorist Fadi al-Batsh.


A security source who declined to reveal his identity said that the two suspects were alleged to have entered Malaysia sometime in early February based on their house rental records.

He suspects both men fled to Thailand not long after the assassination to return to the “country of origin”, whom he declined to identify.

On whether the assassins were related to Israel’s Mossad as speculated by many, including the terrorist’s family, the source would only say that the men were “highly professional” in their fields.


Citing Western and Middle Eastern intelligence officials, a NYT report claimed Hamas engineer-terrorist Fadi al-Batash was targeted by Mossad in Malaysia as part of a wider operation to eliminate Hamas drone experts and sabotage a Pyongyang-backed project for development and transfer of advanced weapons to Gaza.

That claim has been confirmed by Middle Eastern intelligence officials, who said the killing was part of a broader operation ordered by the Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, to dismantle a Hamas project that sends Gaza’s most promising scientists and engineers overseas to gather know-how and weaponry to use in terror attacks against Israel.