Stunning details reveal how the Mossad stole and smuggled Iran’s nuke archive

Israel’s spy agency Mossad stole a huge trove of documents from Iran earlier this year, in one of its most brazen missions to date.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the mission in a speech, exposing Iran “brazenly lying” about its nuclear capabilities. Netanyahu unveiled a collection of documents, which were stolen directly from Tehran facilities in “a great intelligence achievement.”

Among the stolen intel were 110,000 documents, videos, and photographs that showed Iran lied about its nuclear ambitions and deceived powers involved in the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA.

Netanyahu reveals Iran's secret nuclear files Iran lied big time - The nuclear deal is based on lies (2)

Netanyahu didn’t confirm how Mossad, which are known for their stealthy missions, obtained the material, but did say they had been stored in a “a dilapidated warehouse.”

“Few Iranians knew where it was, very few,” Netanyahu.

Further details on the Iran mission have since emerged with a senior Israeli official telling the New York Times that Mossad first discovered the unnamed warehouse in Tehran in February 2016, and began its surveillance.

PM Netanyahu: "Iran lied about never having a nuclear weapons program. The Iran deal is terrible and should never have been concluded. I'm sure President Trump would do the right thing for world peace"

The official also said that the massive document haul was undertaken in a January 2017 operation. Mossad agents broke into the building on one night, took the 110,000 documents and returned them to Israel same night, in one of Israel’s “greatest achievements” in intelligence gathering.

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen later informed Donald Trump of the successful operation during a trip to Washington.

Following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed the authenticity of the materials furnished by Israel as proof of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

I can confirm with you, for you, that these documents are real, they are authentic,” said Pompeo.