Mashaal demands diplomatic war alongside intifada

Hamas politburo leader Khaled Mashaal has called to establish a “Palestinian leadership united on the ground,” so as to manage the current terror wave and use it to achieve an end of “the occupation and the Israeli settlement.”

In a press conference with journalists from Gaza, Mashaal said the true goals of the current wave of terror attacks is to “put an end to the occupation and the settlement in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

Airing unfounded Arab claims regarding a change of status quo on the Temple Mount, he continued enumerating the goals as “thwarting the division of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and causing Israel to renounce its aggressive plans.”

“The popular Palestinian intifada has given a message to the American government that its attempts to establish peace without any true solution and a continued management of the conflict, and giving empty gestures to the Palestinians, won’t bring security and stability in light of the occupation,” he said.

The Hamas leader continued by calling for a diplomatic campaign meant to harm Israel, in concert with the daily wave of attacks targeting Israelis.

“We must integrate the military action on the ground with policy and diplomacy and activities in the regional and international spheres, which will not have any value if they do not rest on the true pressures held by the Palestinian leader.”

Giving a sign of the sort of diplomatic actions Mashaal envisions using against Israel, this Wednesday he called for the release of top terrorists being held in Israel in exchange for the return of the bodies of two IDF soldiers killed in last summer’s war.