California teacher charged after ‘liquidation lists’ including ‘killing my first Jew’ found in his home

Nicholas Wesley Rose, 26, of Irvine, California, was arrested and charged with hate crimes after a ‘kill list’ of Jewish community members and anti-Semitic literature were found in his home.

He was charged with three felony counts of attempted criminal threats, three misdemeanor counts of violation of civil rights and three sentencing enhancement counts for hate crimes on Thursday.

California teacher charged after ‘liquidation lists_ including ‘killing my first Jew_ found in his home

The arrest and charges came after a family member told police Monday that Rose had expressed a desire to kill Jewish people.

Authorities said a search of his home produced .22 ammunition, ‘kill lists’ of well-known members of the Jewish community — including members of the entertainment industry — and a variety of violent and offensive anti-Semitic pamphlets.

In addition to a list of steps titled ‘killing my first Jew,’ police found papers mentioning three nearby places of worship: the Beth Jacob Congregation synagogue and St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, California, and St. Barbara Russian Orthodox Church in Lake Forest, California.

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Following the search, Rose, an ESL teacher, was arrested at the home he rents a room in. Authorities are checking his computer to see if he is affiliated with any hate groups.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office did not reveal the names of the people who were on Rose’s alleged ‘kill list,’ but said that they had all been alerted about their presence on the list.

The Russian and Greek Orthodox churches were thought to be targeted because Rose ‘was apparently displeased with some churches that he thought were sympathetic to the Jewish cause,’ Senior Deputy District Attorney Jeff Moore said.