Israeli Ambassador Quips About Previous Role as Space Minister, Says UN Counterparts From a ‘Different Planet’

Israel’s new ambassador to the United Nations spoke at an event Wednesday night in New York City, where he spiced serious international matters with a touch of humor that had the audience howling.

Addressing the 14th annual Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF) gala at Lincoln Center, Danny Danon railed against the UN’s “obsession” with Israel, while the rest of the Middle East “is in the middle of a dark storm.”

“ISIS is taking control of new territory every day and the Assad regime continues to use weapons against its own people. The fighting and violence continue in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, claiming the lives of thousands every day. Yet, the focus of so much UN attention” is on the Jewish state, he said.

Where the current surge in terrorism against Israelis is concerned, Danon criticized the UN for remaining silent when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas lied about the Temple Mount, accusing Israel of attempting to turn the Al-Aqsa mosque a Jewish site.

He also rebuked the international body for not speaking out “when Abbas said, ‘We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Israel,’” and then calling on both sides to “show restraint.”

“There is only one side instigating the violence and attacking Israelis for no reason other than the fact that they are Jews in our historic homeland,” Danon said. “And instead of holding Palestinians accountable, many in the UN want to reward them.”

Danon quipped about how his previous position as minister of science, technology and space might serve him in good stead today. “I think learning about outer space might have been even more helpful, since some of the UN officials seem to live on a totally different planet,” he said.