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Lebanese citizen infiltrated into Israel

A Lebanese citizen infiltrated into Israel on Thursday morning, causing serious concern among residents in the north.

The IDF tried to assuage fears of Israelis living in the area, near Moshav Avivim, by explaining that soldiers had spotted the man before he reached the border, and when they ascertained that he was unarmed, they decided not to shoot.

Instead, as soon as he entered Israeli territory, he was arrested by IDF troops who had been tracking his movements the entire time, and intercepted him as soon as he crossed the border.

The anxiety of Israelis in the area was not alleviated, however,  “This incident is hard to accept. It’s really scary to think that a Lebanese national entered Israel and no one really knew whether he was armed or not,” said one resident.

“They’re telling us now that there was no danger, but this isn’t reassuring. An incident like this could have ended very badly,” said another.

When arrested, the infiltrator initially refused to speak, but later opened up to interrogators, telling them that his family had been trying to reach him on his mobile phone, the only item he was carrying.

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