Rare photographs of the IDF’s early years revealed for the first time

For Israel’s 70th anniversary, the Ministry of Defense revealed a rare collection of photographs from the establishment of the State of Israel.
People at the Tel Aviv beach watching the Altalena ship burning – June 6,1948

Photographer: Fred Chesnick, Courtesy of the IDF Archive of the Ministry of Defense.


English soldiers conducting checkpoints on the mountain
New immigrants entering an abandoned Arab village with soldiers – 1950
The Givati Brigade participating in a parade. Pictured from right to left: IDF Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Yaakov Dori, Ben-Gurion, Major General Yigael Yadin, and Major General Yigal Allon – 1948.
A ship of British soldiers, Israeli navy soldiers, and civilians departing from Israel. On the right is British High Commissioner Alan Cunningham – 1948
New immigrants arrive from Cyprus on the “Pan Yarok” ship while a train passes by and several people stand waiting on the dock – 1948
The Cavalry Unit of the Givati Brigade participating in a parade on Herzl Street – 1948
Givati Brigade participating in a parade as soldiers enter in a military vehicle – 1948
Soldiers participating in a ceremony at a parade in Katamonim, Jerusalem in honor of Menachem Begin – 1948
An immigrant family resting in a temporary accomodation.