❌ Aiding Hamas ??is Aiding Terror

The COGAT published a recording last week on COGAT’s Arabic-language Facebook page that revealed the manner in which Hamas is strong-arming executives of local bus companies to ferry rioters and terrorists to participate in border protests along the border between Israel and Gaza.

❌ Aiding Hamas ??is Aiding Terror.jpg

COGAT sent notices to the owners of transportation companies in Gaza, warning them not to aid in the transport of Hamas terrorists and violent rioters to the Gaza border with Israel.
“COGAT has learned that 14 Gazan companies aided in transporting Hamas terrorists and violent rioters to the border. As such, sanctions will be imposed on the owners of these companies”.
“The violent riots that have been taking place are fueled by Hamas and are an attempt to mask terror activities. The IDF is determined to continue operating in defense of Israel’s borders from all forms of terrorism”, the COGAT said on his Facebook page.