Egypt: 27 ISIS-affiliated terrorists eliminated, 114 arrested in Sinai

The Egyptian Armed Forces General Command announced that its operation in Sinai resulted in killing 27 terrorists and arresting 114 others in the past few days.

Eight Egyptian soldiers were killed and 14 terrorists eliminated in a confrontation in central Sinai on Saturday, the army said in a statement.

Several hideouts used by ISIS-affiliated terrorists were uncovered while a training camp was destroyed, added the statement.

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The forces also seized large quantities of ammunition and telecommunication equipment. Up to 15 vehicles used by terrorists were seized and 43 motorcycles were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian naval forces seized a ship carrying 1,350 kg of raw heroin enough to produce 14 tons of heroin, according to the statement.

Border guards also seized 831 automatic rifles and 1,384 guns along with more than 80,000 bullets, added the statement.