IDF investigation concludes: Muslim terrorist was warned before shooting

An IDF investigation following the publication of a sniper’s video showing the shooting of a Muslim terrorist, said that the shooting took place on Friday December 22, 2017, during violent Muslim riots after mosque along the security border fence with Gaza in the Kissufim area.
“The video showed only a small portion of (the forces’) handling of a protracted violent riot, which included stone throwing and attempts to sabotage the fence, and which lasted some two hours.”

The IDF’s statement continued, “Multiple measures were taken to disperse rioters throughout, including using public address to order them to stop, deploying crowd control measures and firing into the air”.
“Once these steps proved inefficient, a single bullet was fired at one of the suspects of organizing and spearheading the protest while he was meters away from the fence. As a result, he was struck in the leg and subsequently wounded.
“The video was not filmed from the exact position from which the fire emanated, and was shot by a soldier who is not an organic part of the force that fired. After completion of the full operational inquiry by the relevant chain of command, its findings will be submitted, as is the norm, for inspection by the Military Advocate General.
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“Regarding the unauthorized filming of an operation, the dissemination of said materials and expressions contained therein, it should be noted these actions and statements are not congruent with the spirit and degree of restraint expected of IDF soldiers.”
Soldiers involved with the video, in which some servicemen were heard enthusiastically lauding the sniper who shot took down the Muslim terrorist,  have been questioned by their commanders since the video was made public Monday and have provided an initial account.
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Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said: “The sniper deserves promotion, whereas the cameraman deserves demotion. There has to be a clear equation. IDF is the world’s most moral army, but when you’re on the frontlines and under considerable stress, sometimes aggressions are let loose. That’s understandable. At the end of the day, the army, snipers and soldiers—they’re the best of us, and the IDF is the most moral army.”