IDF forces finds grenade thrown by Gaza terrorists during 'peaceful riots'

An IDF force found on Saturday morning a grenade thrown by Muslim terrorists from Gaza towards Israel near the Karni crossing the previous day in an effort to harm Israeli troops.
“The grenade is another proof that the riots yesterday were a cover for terror activities, with terrorists trying to carry out attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens,” the IDF Spokesman’s Office said in a statement.

A week after last Friday’s violent riots, Hamas’s so-called march of return continued with the ‘Friday of the tires’, with Muslim terrorists burning tires in eco-terrorism attacks in five locations along the security border fence with Gaza.
Ten Muslim terrorists were eliminated after attempting to approach the security border fence.  Gaza’s Ministry of Health claimed a total of 300 injured.

Several attempts to damage or cross the border fence took place Friday afternoon under cover of the thick smoke emanating from the burning tires.
Attempts were also made to throw explosive charges and firebombs under the smoke’s cover. All were thwarted by the IDF.