Runaway Crocodile Creates Panic in Jordan Valley

A hunt was conducted to recapture a runaway crocodile who escaped from the crocodile farm in the Jordan valley, the Israeli site nrg reported on Wednesday.

The reptile was discovered by a farmer from Moshav Yafit during his routine morning inspection of the palm groves near the crocodile farm. He immediately notified the Jordan Valley Regional Council and the Commissioner of the National Parks Authority (NPA).

“We received a call from one of Yafit’s farmers who told us that he discovered a crocodile on the farmland,” an employee from the NPA told nrg. “We caught it and loaded it onto a trailer before returning it to the crocodile farm,” he said.


“The crocodile was about a meter and a half long, which isn’t that big. They can get much bigger,” the employee said.

The president of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, David Alchiani, noted that this wasn’t the first such incident involving an escaped crocodile from the farm, and called on the government to deal with the matter, since it exposed residents of the area to potential danger.

This is just one crocodile of many that has escaped.