IDF destroys 2 terror tunnels dug from Gaza

The IDF destroyed for the second time on Sunday a terror tunnel  in the Rafah area, initially demolished during the 2014 Operation Protective Edge, which Hamas terror group tried to rebuild, and also acted against a new terror tunnel in central Gaza.
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IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis revealed this morning that in recent months Hamas has attempted to build a bypass to the tunnel in the Rafah area, which was bombed during Operation Protective Edge. “This is the fourth tunnel that was bombed during Protective Edge,” the army says.
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“The method of thwarting [terror tunnels] that the IDF is using now is an innovative method that will not allow the tunnels to be rehabilitated, something that did not exist during Protective Edge,” Manelis said.

“This is an underground infrastructure that had not yet penetrated into Israel, which Hamas has been digging in recent days to allow for this,” the spokesman said, adding that the attack was deep inside the Gaza Strip.
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IDF destroys 2 terror tunnels digged from Gaza (6)
“For several weeks now, we’ve been identifying Hamas activity, as they have been trying to rebuild underground infrastructure, which was active during Protective Edge. We’ve been following this activity and decided to take this action to thwart it before Hamas could reconnect the tunnel to the old infrastructure and before the tunnel crossed into our territory. It did not pose a threat,” the IDF continued.

“The attempt to renew the terror tunnel shows that Hamas finds it difficult to accept the collapse of the tunnel project and continues to waste the funds desperately needed for the residents of the Gaza Strip. Hamas remains responsible for everything happening in the Gaza Strip”, the IDF Spokesperson tweeted.  
IDF destroys 2 terror tunnels digged from Gaza (10)
Another tunnel was bombed by the Israel Air Force overnight Saturday in central Gaza. The IAF also attacked other Hamas targets in retaliation for several IEDs that have been planted along the Gaza border.

“The IDF will continue acting to ensure the security of Israel’s citizens with all means at its disposal. The Hamas terror organization is responsible for everything that happens inside the Gaza Strip and coming out of it,” the IDF Spokesman’s Office said after the strike.
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“Last night the IDF destroyed 2 terror tunnels. The time has come for the international community to realize that the assistance funds to Gaza are being buried underground. These funds are not spent by Hamas on welfare, housing or improving the lives of Palestinians. They are spent on terror tunnels, bunkers, rockets and weapons”, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in a statement.