2 bombs detonated against IDF patrol near security border fence with Gaza – IDF retaliates

No one was hurt in the terror attack on the northern border of Gaza east of Beit Hanoun. An IDF official later said that the army was looking into whether an anti-tank missile was fired at Israeli soldiers.
In response, the IDF fired from the air and from a tank at targets belonging to the Hamas terror group, which controls Gaza.

According to Arab sources, another two observation posts and a position in northern Gaza were targeted.

“Two bombs were detonated within a minute of one another at a distance of 100 meters from the forces. Following an identification of an observation post, we are looking into whether a anti-tank rocket was also fired at the soldiers,” an IDF official said.
“In response, we attacked five targets in Gaza. We don’t know who is responsible for the attack. We will act sharply against attempts to turn the protesters into a cover for terror activities.”
Bomb detonated against IDF patrol near security border fence with Gaza - IDF retaliates
The explosions took place close to an area in which hundreds of Muslim terrorists have staged numerous Friday-after-mosque riots between Shuja’iyya and Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

The IDF launched an investigation into whether the bombs were once again planted by the rioters.
It is the second time that explosives have been used by Muslim terrorists to harm Israelis on the border in one month.
In February, two soldiers were seriously wounded and two others moderately and lightly wounded when an explosive device was set off near an IDF patrol around the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip, opposite the Ein HaShlosha kibbutz.