Terror in Burkina Faso's capital: 8 soldiers killed, 80 wounded, 8 Muslim terrorists eliminated

Eight soldiers have been killed and 80 people wounded  and  8 Muslim terrorists eliminated, after Islamist terrorists launched twin attacks in the capital of Burkina Faso.
Speaking on state television, government spokesman Remi Dandjinou said the unidentified gunmen killed five Burkinabe soldiers and wounded around 80 others at the military headquarters.
Two members of Burkina Faso’s paramilitary gendarmes were killed defending the embassy, he said.
A number of locations were targeted in the capital of the West African nation on Friday by Muslim terrorists, including the prime minister’s office, close to the French embassy, the French cultural center and the  country’s military headquarters.
Masked gunmen with backpacks attacked guards at the entrance to an army headquarters, which followed an explosion.

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A separate attack was also launched near the prime minister’s office, according to a police statement. Security units have been deployed to the scene near the French embassy which was targeted in the possible two-pronged terrorist attack.
The French embassy in Ouagadougou published a message on Facebook that read: “Attack is ongoing at the French embassy and French Institute.”
The message also urged anyone caught up in the attack to stay “confined” where they were.
Witnesses said five armed terrorists got out of a car and opened fire on passersby before heading towards the embassy, in the center of the city.

An AFP reporter heard heavy exchanges of gunfire and saw a blazing vehicle, which witnesses said was the car used by the terrorists. Police and army units were deployed in the area.
Other witnesses said there was an explosion near the headquarters of the Burkinabe armed forces and the French cultural centre, which are located about a kilometer from the site of the first attack.
The US embassy in the city has advised people to seek shelter.
French embassy in Burkina Faso under terrorist attack (2)

French embassy in Burkina Faso under terrorist attack (3)French embassy in Burkina Faso under terrorist attack (4)
Multiple locations targeted by Muslim terrorists in Burkina Faso's capital (2).jpg