WATCH – As terror continues, more angry bystanders attacking terrorists

Security forces struggle more to keep livid Israelis from harming terrorists than terrorists from continuing to harm Israelis, a top officer revealed Tuesday morning, as crowds grow increasingly frustrated with the dozens of unchecked attacks aimed at Jews every week nationwide.

“Dozens of people have tried to take the law into their own hands and strike terrorists when they’re down,” Israel Police Central District Commander, Major General Moti Cohen, stated to Army Radio. “The police ran and pushed the citizens away.”

“In this case, the operation [against angry citizens] was no less difficult – even more difficult – than ending the attack itself.”

Cohen spoke in the wake of three separate stabbings Monday, two of which unfolded in major coastal cities: Rishon Letzion and Netanya.

Footage surfaced Monday of an angry crowd attempting to beat the 19-year-old terrorist who stabbed three people – including an 80 year-old woman – in Rishon Letzion, as the police attempt to ward them off.

On Monday night, a 22-year-old terrorist from Tulkarm seriously wounded a 71-year-old man by stabbing him in Netanya– also provoking an angry reaction from the crowd.

One local was arrested for beating the terrorist once he was neutralized; hours later, an angry crowd attempted to prevent the ambulance carrying the wounded terrorist to hospital, blocking the road.