2 Muslim terrorists eliminated in violent riots. Manhunt for Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s murderers continues

Two Muslim terrorists were eliminated and six others were wounded in violent Muslim riots against IDF forces that broke out Thursday afternoon near the Gaza security border fence and near Bethlehem.

About 50 Muslim terrorists rioted at two locations on the northern Gaza border, threw rocks and firebombs at security forces, damaged the security border fence and set tires on fire.

2 Muslim terrorists eliminated in violent riots. Manhunt for Rabbi Raziel Shevach's murderers continues

The IDF reported they opened fire against three main instigators. As a result of the shooting, one 16-year-old Muslim terrorist from al-Bureij was shot dead, while two other terrorists were wounded.

According to the Arabs, the teen-terrorist was killed by a gunshot to the chest.

Another Muslim teen-terrorist was shot and eliminated during violent riots and attacks against IDF forces and Israeli civilians near Arab villages in the Shechem area.

The eliminated terrorist, a resident of the Arab village of Burin identified as Ali Kino, also 16, was killed after a riot broke out over an IDF search of an Arab village west of Burin, as part of the manhunt for the Muslim terrorists who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevah in the nearby Havat Gilad.

2 Muslim terrorists eliminated after attacking IDF forces in violent riots (2)

Muslim terrorists pelted IDF soldiers with rocks and blunt objects, while the soldiers responded with live fire at central instigators. Aside from Kino, four more were reportedly wounded by the shooting.

In another attack, Muslim terrorists threw an explosive device at the Jewish holy site of Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. No injuries reported.