‘We Ae in Your Home’: ISIS terrorist poses for selfie in front of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Muslim terrorist wearing an ISIS face scarf has uploaded a chilling selfie outside New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art with the caption: ‘We are in your home.’

The image, uploaded to a ISIS-fans channel on messaging app Telegram on December 30, shows the terrorist standing on a snowy 5th Avenue as people walk past.

It comes after ISIS issued a video featuring shots of New York while calling for more bomb and knife attacks across the festive period.

The poster that accompanies the chilling call to arms shows an ISIS terrorist holding a knife with the words ‘It’s cheaper than a chainsaw’.

'We Ae in Your Home' ISIS terrorist poses for selfie in front of New York's Met museum (2).jpg

It also comes after another image showing New York’s West Street with an ISIS flag displayed on a phone screen was posted online.

That image appeared before Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck down the cycle path which runs alongside the street, murdering eight on Halloween.

Last month, a Staten Island taxi cab driver, Muslim terrorist Akayed Ullah, 27, failed to properly detonate a suicide pipe bomb at 42nd Street Subway station after being inspired by ISIS and because President Trump’s historic decision of recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

terror-in-new-york-muslim-terrorist-blew-himself-up-only-near-times-square-6 (1).jpg

Thankfully, the only serious wounds were to the terrorist a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant.