At least 9 murdered after Muslim terrorist open fire at Coptic Christian church in Egypt

At least nine people have been murdered in a terror attack on a Coptic Christian church in Egypt this morning.

Five security guards were also wounded in the rampage outside the church south of the capital Cairo before a Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated as he tried to storm the building.

A picture of the terrorist’s carcass showed a bearded Muslim wearing a bulky ammunition vest sprawled on a street.

The terror attack took place in the Helwan district on the capital’s southern outskirts and officials say they are hunting a possible second Muslim terrorist who may have escaped.

The Interior Ministry said two policemen had been killed in the attack on the Mar Mina church.

At least 9 murdered after Muslim terrorist open fire at Coptic Christian church in Egypt (3).jpg

It was not clear if the 9 reported dead included the terrorist, or how many terrorists were involved.

ISIS in Egypt has killed dozens of Christians in church bombings and shootings over the past year, and has threatened further attacks against the minority.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians make up about 10 per cent of the country’s 93 million people, and are the largest religious minority in the region.

ISIS had claimed a suicide bombing of a Cairo church in December 2016 followed by bombings of two churches north of the capital in April.

A month later, ISIS terrorists shot dead about 30 Christians south of Cairo as they travelled to a monastery.

The jihadists are believed to have also carried out a massacre of Muslim worshippers in Sinai last month, killing more than 300 in an attack on a mosque associated with the mystical Sufi strand of Islam which IS views as heretical.

Egypt imposed a state of emergency following the church attacks and shootings, and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi demanded the army quell the jihadists with ‘brutal force’ following the mosque massacre.