Nazi-sympathizer arrested for anti-Semitic slurs at Israeli cafe in Berlin

A 60-year-old German man in Berlin is under investigation for incitement, slander and resisting police officers after uttering anti-Semitic slurs against an Israeli restaurant owner in a scene caught on video that drew widespread criticism.

Police say the suspect approached restaurant boss Yorai Feinberg outside his premises in Berlin Tuesday. In the scene filmed by a friend of Feinberg, the man said “Go back to your gas chambers, where you belong. You don’t belong here, nobody wants you in the world. You are just a guest in Palestine. You are a guest in Germany. Go back to your gas chambers” among other things.

Feinberg hailed a passing police car. Officers took the man away, and police said he also insulted them.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas wrote on Twitter Thursday: “This totally unbelievable and inexcusable incident in Berlin shows that we all must face up with determination and courage against anti-Semitic agitation.” Israel’s ambassador visited the restaurant Thursday.