Israel condemns Sinai mosque massacre: ‘Terrorism will be defeated faster if we all work together against it’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned on Saturday the terror attack on a Sinai mosque the day before that claimed the lives of at least 305 people.

“Israel strongly condemns the terrible and criminal attack at the Al Rawdah mosque near El Arish and sends it condolences on behalf of the citizens of Israel to President al-Sisi, the Egyptian people and the families of the dead,” a statement from Netanyahu’s office said.

“Terrorism will be defeated faster if all countries work together against it,” Netanyahu’s statement went on to say.

Sinai mosque massacre 30 ISIS terrorists murdered 305, including 27 children in deadliest terror attack in Egypt's modern history (9)

Tel Aviv city hall lit up with the colors of the Egyptian flag in solidarity with the Egyptian people after the horrendous terror attack.

The Muslim terrorists who slaughtered 305 people at a mosque in Egypt yesterday were carrying an ISIS flag and wearing masks, it has been revealed.

Around thirty gunmen created an arena of death around the mosque by blocking off escape routes with burnt-out cars before gunning down the penned-in worshippers in a 20-minute massacre.

Twenty-seven children were among the innocents gunned down and blown up.

The murderers then fled the Al-Rawdah mosque – in Bir al-Abed, near El-Arish on the Sinai Peninsula – before being blown up hours later by Egyptian warplanes.