Attempted stabbing attack in the Netherlands – Knife-wielding Muslim terrorist arrested

Police officers fired a warning shot at a knife-wielding Muslim terrorist who shouted allahu akbar after threatening several passers-by.

The attempted terror attack started yesterday morning in Urk, a traditional fishing town in the heart of the Netherlands, when he entered a petrol station at around 8.30am.

He then ran outside and threatened passers-by whilst shouting allahu akbar.

Outside the petrol station, the terrorist pulled out a knife which he started to wave around, threatening passers-by.

Worried citizens immediately alerted the police, who arrived soon after at the scene.

Just as the terrorist is about to get down on the ground, he suddenly gets up again, attempting to stab an officer, and a warning shot is fired.

According to a police spokesman, the Muslim terrorist appeared to be a ‘confused man’.