The online life of an ISIS jihadi bride

SYRIA: Officials have seized the laptop of an ISIS bride-terrorist, to reveal she was baking recipes, listening to Muslim sermons and collating an enormous stash of porn from western websites.

The Flemish speaking Belgian of Moroccan descent terrorist was captured in Raqqa.

Her personal computer was confiscated by a resistance group within ISIS territory called Ahrar al-Furat.

Away from using the internet to map out her sexual relationships with a terrorist, she kept herself up to date with Ajax’s results in the Netherlands, binged on Pirates of the Caribbean and researched the war in Afghanistan.

She watched videos of American war ships battering Taliban terrorists in the country in what analysts believe was an attempt to re-confirm her radicalization.

The hard drive was made available to the Daily Beast, who unsurprisingly discovered piles of videos from jihadist clerics.

She also used the internet to keep in touch with Muslim terrorists back in Belgium and used Facebook to message her friends.

Before she was captured alive in Raqqa, the jihadi bride appeared to be questioning her future with ISIS and plotting her escape.