Terror attack thwarted at Samaria military court

BREAKING: The Military Police and Border Police stop attempted bombing at military court: A Muslim terrorist arrived at the Samaria Military Court with a pipe bomb hidden in his clothes. Bomb squad on scene.

Israel Border Policemen and the Israel Military Police arrested Sunday a 17-year-old Muslim terrorist attempting to enter the Samaria Military Court while carrying in his underwear an explosive device.

Security forces stationed at the entrance of the court prevented the Muslim terrorist from entering and transferred him for investigation before police sappers were called to the scene.

The terrorist from Jenin arrived at the court in the morning at the checkpost and aroused the security guards’ suspicion when they were forced to ask him a number of times to undergo a body search which included the use of metal detectors.

During the check, a pipe bomb concealed in his underwear was found on his body.

With the discovery of the bomb, the soldiers sealed off the entrance and sappers eventually neutralized the device with two controlled explosions near the site.