Terror stabbing attack at Yavne supermarket

An employee was stabbed by a Muslim terrorist at a supermarket in the city of Yavne on Wednesday in a terror attack.
The 19-year-old Muslim terrorist, who also works at the Shufersal supermarket, was arrested after trying to flee the scene.
Civilians who were on the scene subdued the terrorist, with some of them kicking him while he was on the ground.

The victim, 42, was in serious condition after suffering stab wounds to his upper body. Another employee was treated for shock.
“My wife and I were shopping. All of a sudden, a man with a backpack and an Arabic accent approached me and asked me if I worked there. I said no, and he kept walking,” recounted Shlomo Brill, an eye-witness. “Ten minutes later, I heard screams from the checkout area. Everyone at the store went crazy. We thought it was a terror attack, we’re all stressed out… the cashiers were screaming, the employees were shaking with fear.”
One of the civilians who helped subdue the suspect recounted the incident: “I (heard) one of the employees call out ‘stop him, stop him.’ Another civilian tripped him, and then he and the employee neutralized the suspect. Police officers who arrived at the scene removed them but we still kept (hitting) him. We neutralized him some more until the cops handcuffed him.”