Terror attack on Israeli embassy in Jordan

An Israeli security official who is serving in the Israeli embassy in Amman was lightly wounded on Sunday when a Muslim ‘Palestinian’-Jordanian terrorist stabbed him with a screwdriver in his home. The officer then defended himself, shot and eliminated the terrorist.
Israeli media were barred from reporting on the incident for several hours by the IDF military censor.
The terror attack took place while furniture was replaced in the home of the deputy security officer of the embassy. The deputy security officer was in the home, along with his landlord and two other Jordanian workers, at the time of the attack.
One of the workers sneaked up behind the deputy security officer and began to stab him with a screwdriver. The Israeli, who was lightly wounded, was able to open fire at the terrorist and neutralize him. The terrorist later died from his wounds.
The Jordanian owner of the home was wounded as well and later died of his wounds.
In an earlier statement, police said they were notified in the late afternoon of a shooting at the compound in the residential Rabiyeh neighborhood of Amman. It said that two Jordanians had gone into the building to carry out “carpentry work.”
After the terror attack, Jordanian security forces were deployed in the streets around the embassy.

An investigation into the shooting was still underway.
It was not immediately clear how an armed Jordanian got into the embassy compound, one of the most heavily guarded Israeli missions in the world.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israeli security forces are discussing the incident with the Jordanian government.
According to the Vienna Convention he is immune from interrogation and detention, as he is considered a diplomat.


Palestinian-Jordanian terrorist eliminated