Errant Syrian crossfire into Israeli Golan for second time in two days

Fire exchanges between the Syrian army and opposition forces spilled over into the Israeli Golan Heights again on Sunday, even after the IDF’s aggressive retaliation the previous day to 10 errant projectiles that fell inside Israel.

No one was hurt in Sunday’s incident and no damage has been reported.
Sunday’s projectiles fell near Quneitra, in the same area as the projectiles on Saturday. According to initial estimates, there were only a handful of projectiles that fell inside Israeli territory.
In a similar instruction to Saturday, the IDF has asked farmers not work at plantations near the border in the Quneitra area. Despite that, all roads remain open and there have been no other special instruction for the civilian population in the area.
The Israel Defense Forces said, Sunday evening, that they attacked two cannons and an ammunition truck belonging to the Syrian regime in the northern Golan Heights, in response to the earlier leaks of mortar fire into Israeli territory.
The IDF said it is not a party and is not involved in the internal Syrian fighting, but nevertheless takes seriously any attempt to undermine the sovereignty of the state of Israel and the security of its residents, and views the Syrian regime responsible for what is happening in its territory.