Israel targets Assad positions in response to Golan crossfire

The IDF reportedly launched an attack against several Syrian regime targets near the Golan Heights on Saturday in retaliation for fighting that spilled over into Israeli territory earlier in the day.
The mortar shells landed in open areas causing no damage or casualties and were believed to be stray fire from fighting between the Syrian government forces and rebels.
Two hours after the projectiles landed, the IDF announced that “IAF aircraft targeted the position from which the launches originated.”
“Furthermore, the IAF targeted two tanks belonging to the Syrian regime in the Northern Syrian Golan Heights.”
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An official protest has been filed with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force that monitors the border, the statement added.
An hour after notifying of the errant fire, the IDF released a further statement saying it had instructed civilians to refrain from moving and gathering in open areas adjacent to the border area.
The IDF Spokesperson’s office released footage on Saturday evening of the Israeli Air Force’s retaliatory strike on Syrian targets about an hour previously.

The footage, shown here, shows the IAF firing on a heavy machine gun and two tanks. The strike came a few hours after ten projectiles, ostensibly from the raging Syrian civil war, spilled over and landed in Israeli territory in the northern Golan Heights. The missiles caused no damages or injuries.
Syrian state media said a number of people were killed in the IAF strike.
PM Netanyahu spoke about the IDF’s attack on Syrian targets:  “With the IDF’s actions today, we emphasize our policy once more: We will not tolerate sporadic missiles or any kind of spillover. We will respond with force to any missiles which land in our territory.”
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said, “We do not intend to allow our sovereignty or security to be compromised, even by a war between the Syrian government and rebel forces.”
“We will respond with determination and force as we see fit, every time such an incident occurs. We hold the Assad regime responsible for what happens in Syria. If such incidents continue, Assad’s regime will bear the consequences.”