Muslim terrorists arrested for plotting to assassinate IDF officer

7 Muslim Arab terrorists from the Arab village of Jaljulia were arrested for illegal weapons dealing, leading to the discovery of a plot to assassinate an Israeli officer as revenge for the killing of senior Hamas convicted terrorist Mazen Faqha.
Security forces had originally detained Mahmoud Muhammad Abd al-Karim Daoud for weapons trafficking, but during questioning, investigators learned Daoud had knowledge of a terror attack being planned by two brothers.
Adam Ismail Muhammad Faqi and Fares Ismail Muhammad Faqi were both detained shortly thereafter. Adam had a police record for criminal activity, while Fares had been on the radar of security forces for nonmaterial support for ISIS.
During the ensuing investigation, security forces pieced together a timeline in which Adam Faqi had been recruited by another brother, Muhammad, into Hamas terror group in 2014 while attending a family wedding in the Gaza Strip.
Adam underwent small arms training with a Hamas terrorist named Hassan Jabari, who is the brother of terrorist Ahmad Jabari, the former head of Hamas’ armed wing who has assassinated in 2012 during Operation Pillar of Defense.
In April 2017, Adam was requested to carry out an assassination of an IDF officer in retaliation for the killing of  convicted Hamas terrorist Mazan Fukha in March. In preparation for the attack, Adam was requested to acquire weapons and recruit another member for the attack.
As such, both Adam and Fares Faqi approached another Jaljulia resident and attempted to acquire two pistols—complete with silencers—with which to carry out the assassination, before they were both detained.
In a statement, the Shin Bet emphasized the link and danger posed by weapons floating from criminal elements to terrorist elements. Additionally, the nature of the planning demonstrates how Israeli humanitarian policy vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip—allowing Palestinians to transition between the two territories for medical care or family visits—is used by Hamas for acts of terror.