Stabbing attack in Jerusalem

Two 20-year-old border policemen were moderately wounded early Monday morning after being stabbed by an Arab terrorist near the Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem.
Police have confirmed that the terrorist, a resident of Jabel Mukaber, was shot and eliminated by one of the injured officers.
MDA teams evacuated the two to Hadassah Medical Center for treatment.
Following the terror attack, police forces converged on the home of the terrorist in Jabel Mukaber and detained several people, including family members.
The terrorist arrived at the scene at around 4am and parked his car nearby. After noticing the two border policemen taking up positions near the gate, the terrorist followed them to their post and began stabbing them.
The two officers managed to shove the terrorist out of the guard post and one managed to shoot and kill him.

In accordance with security assessments surrounding the Purim holiday, a general closure of Judea, Samaria and Gaza will be enforced until midnight.