Arab terrorists from several Hamas cells arrested in Judea and Samaria

Several Hamas networks run by university students who attended Bir Zait University in the Binyamin area, have been uncovered by Israel’s security agencies, the Shin Bet security service announced on Sunday.
According to the Shin Bet, 20 year-old Muhammad Aazi, resident of the village of Jamma’in and Hamas terrorist was arrested along with 22 year-old Noor Aldin Ghaith, a resident of Hevron, for planning to carry out shooting attacks against Israeli targets.
During the investigation it was discovered that they had planned to carry out a shooting attack against both civilian and IDF vehicles traveling on main roads in the area.  Aazi and Ghaith had carried out reconnaissance on the road and had planned to deliberately scatter metal nails on the road in order to cause vehicles to stop so they could carry out the shootings.
The weapons bought to carry out the attack were seized during the investigation.
In addition, the Shin Bet said that the terror cell had planned to create explosive devices in order throw at Israeli targets, and conducted tests of the devices prior to their arrest. The two were also said to be planning to plant an explosive canister at the entrance to a village and explode it against a military vehicle, the Shin Bet said.
More recently, members of a Hamas cell which carried out extensive terror activity in the region were arrested, the statement said.
During the investigation it was discovered that members of the cell, residents of the Arab village of Biddu in the Binyamin Region, planted bombs, threw firebombs at IDF forces operating in the area, and were involved in the terror attacks on the town of Har Adar near Jerusalem in 2015. An additional investigation found that the cell members had also planned to perpetrate more shooting attacks.

According to the Shin Bet, a number of students from Bir Zait University were detained last month in a joint operation with the IDF and Israel Police for their role in rallies, recruiting and financial activities for Hamas-affiliated Kutla Islamiyah, in a bid to consolidate the terror group’s hold on the campus.